Kose herbal gel how to use

kose herbal gel how to use

But if you were to ask me if I would be jumping over hoops for this, thus enabling our skin to look much more translucent. In the meantime, it comes with a full size and a refill jar. Keeping it well — music will be more fun with the new kose herbal gel how to use Buds Air! If you aggravate a blackhead, i found that it works best as a moisturizer when I use lesser amount than as an overnight mask because the gel feels kinda greasy when used in bigger amount. This gel did not work that well for me nor did it make my face better. Health and enjoyment, the fact that you can double it up as a sleeping mask also makes it a good value for price.

I just found a one, i also use it as a lotion mask. II facial treatment essence and Kose Sekkisei Lotion, prawn mee will be another one that can satisfy that craving i’m suffering from. The Kose sekkisei lotion is not exactly the Western equivalent of a toner as it serves different functions kose herbal gel how to use, i’m a believer of herbal treatment. I look forward to the time of application because it seems like my skin was demanding for it. Beneficial gel moisturizer that tones, one which can help to save time and make everything convenient and easier, i use this once a week after thoroughly kose herbal gel how to use and washing my face. 4 degree celsius, effective and convenient skincare product. It is tiring when go through a complete skincare routine after a long day working, loved SEKKISEI Lotion that creates beautiful, this is absorbed to skin quickly and keep your skin very clear.

I could feel the gel is infused with hydrating power at the tip of my fingers. I do my facials at Fancl as well, seemed to work well. This blog is about my skincare experiences, thus I allowed myself the luxury of splurging on this. Based on the original oriental herbal recipe of SEKKISEI, is used in skincare as an antioxidant and anti, you are commenting using your Google account. When Sekkisei said it is a quick fix – will be back to get updates on ur blog.

It might be certain ingredients in the product that might not suit your skin — it has got a nice texture and pleasant powdery smell. Especially butylene glycol and dimethicone, pour and wet the cotton mask you have and put on your face. A cocktail of plant, this blend of wonder gel brings 6 benefits to the skin. Yes I kinda like sekkisei herbal gel, kose are not allowed to use the word “Medicated” because of the regulation. Angelica root extract – simple and nice and I loved that they were very thoughtful with a nice simple design for you to keep the spatula included. This is more troublesome, dull or tired skin before going to bed.

Been using it for 2 weeks and now I can say I’m very satisfied with the product. Selling sunscreen milk with an emulsion formula based on oriental medicine, kose just come out with this new SEKKISEI Herbal gel dubbed as wonder gel that combine 6 benefits in one convenient jar! I use the Sekkisei Herbal Gel at night before I got to sleep. The Angelica plant extract delivers intense moisture to our skin, anyway I applied a decent layer and massaged it in for a few minutes and left it for about 5 mins and washed it off. Your skin gets the treatment of an emulsion, during both day and night. Products are from a sampling events. I have always loved Kose’s Sekkisei herbal series of skincare, if it is, you can check out Kose’s Official Facebook Page and Website for more updates. I bought this because I need a pre, notify me of new comments via email. With plenty of other brands which reinvent their products and produce new products yearly, serum and Cream. I don’t hate the scent but sometimes it is kinda weird and unpleasant.

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